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As a teaching, training, equipping and discipling ministry, EBM assists those wanting to go deeper into their transformational journey with Christ; willing to be authentic and vulnerable in their own experience of brokenness in the process.

Like it or not, we all fall prey to some level of personal and spiritual brokenness in life and it can discourage us from pressing on.

Our ministry is designed to help explore areas where false beliefs about God – which often lead to false views of self and others – hinder spiritual formation. In addressing personal and spiritual brokenness we can live a more fulfilled and intimate relationship with Christ. From the place of wholeness our Kingdom impact is more genuine and effective. Our ability is then enhanced to live out the greatest commandments to love God and others as ourselves. This is accomplished best through positioning ourselves to receive true healing in Christ.

Join us on that journey.

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Our podcast is a wonderful audio, and now video, medium for those wanting specific information on targeted topics. Listen during your morning commute, when doing yard work, or set aside time each week to listen to our discussions and explore how they apply to your own life.

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Here you’ll find encouraging, challenging, and enlightening articles. Dive deeper into valuable content and practical insights to help you navigate your way through daily life. The Blog might be a good place to explore thoughts and ideas that may be helpful in your transformational journey with Christ.

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The Books

Part of our ministry calling is to write about the subjects God has put on our hearts to share with the community. Using the button you’ll be linked to books we’ve authored or are in process, intended to help you go deeper into your journey with Christ.

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Return to the Garden – Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, all believers have the capacity for intimacy with God. That same intimacy that we experienced as we walked and talked with Him in the Garden of Eden. At His crucifixion, when Christ declared “It is Finished”, the temple veil was torn from top to bottom providing complete access to the His throne room. Our ability to step back into the Garden and enjoy full, uninhibited intimacy with Him was restored – as it was always intended to be.

The Tree of Brokenness illustrates our futile attempts to get our needs met apart from God, leading to extreme brokenness in our lives. Choosing to do so makes it impossible to walk in the fruit of the Spirit promised to every believer. The root system, representing core longings that can only be met in God, are broken due to the traumas and wounds we experience in our lives. Those wounds separate us from our heart and distance us from Him. Due to that disconnect, our response is to act out through dysfunctional behavior, illustrated in the branches, as we seek to fill the spot only reserved for God. These behaviors are no substitute for the healing work of Christ in our lives.

Tree of Restoration – Once our traumas and wounds are addressed – through Christ – we are equipped to experience a whole new relationship with God, our core longings fully met in Him. The result of this transformed relationship is a vibrant, blossoming life exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit. Fully alive in Him, our identity is secure in the truth of who we were created to be. A restored child of God – one that can live out the purpose that God has called each of us to experience. Unique in every way, we are then equipped to step into the freedom God has for us when we reconnect with our true-self and His heart. Our wounds are healed so we can pass His love on to others.

“We’re all broken... embracing it is definitely not for the faint of heart and is especially hard. Thankful for Steve & Colleen who are leading by example to embrace the challenges of brokenness gracefully and gratefully and teaching us how to do the same!”

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