Genius – It’s In Every One of Us

When you think about the unique nature of every human being we all possess the ability to think, create, change, learn, understand and be understood. Sort of a created geography, a confluence of inherited flows, and a conglomerate of all our past and present experiences. Then there’s the DNA that exists in us from generations past; all the way back to creation. At one time we were in prefect harmony with our Creator, our God. Unique in every way, but perfect in every way. There’s memories, hurts, triumphs, and untold stories yet to be lived out in each one of our lives.

To live out our genius is to live out the intersection between what we’ve inherited and all that we’ve been influenced by since conception.

David Whyte, a Welsh Poet I often read, says this about Genius:

“Genius is both a specific gift and a possibility that has not yet occurred; it is not a fixed internal commodity to be exploited and brought to the surface but a conversation to be followed, deepened, understood and celebrated. Genius is the meeting between inheritance and horizon, between what has been told, and what can be told, and what is yet to be told……”

I love that. There’s genius in every single human being on this planet. Take the time to celebrate your genius, contemplate your unique nature and what you bring to this world; different than any other person that ever existed, exists today, or ever will exist.



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