God – Our Provider

Let’s start you off by reading 1 Kings 17. I know, it’ll take a few minutes but it’s worth it. Trust me.

Now; Is there any particular verse that seems to jump out at you?

Why does it seem to be more significant than others?

Meditate on what the Lord is highlighting to you personally.

This passage is full of people in dire and needy situations. Consider the number of needs presented in these verses.

  • Elijah needed food, water, and shelter.
  • The widow needed oil and flour.
  • The widow’s son needed healing.

Every single person in the passage was provided for but what is even more spectacular than the simple fact that they were provided for was the way that the Lord orchestrated resources to meet every need.

  • He directed Ravens to feed Elijah,
  • He softened the heart of a widow who had little to offer,
  • He bent the laws of nature to feed those He cared about,
  • and He placed a prophet who knew the power of prayer in the house of a man on his deathbed.

God our provider went to great lengths to remain true to His nature and not one person’s needs were beyond His capabilities. God’s realm of resources is boundless; he often meets our needs in unexpected and unseen ways, but regardless of the ways in which they are met, He is true to His promise. God our provider goes before us, orchestrating our deliverance in perfect timing (often before we even perceive the need for help) and without regard to the laws of nature. God’s provision is without limits (including time); no need is too big, too small, or too impossible for Him!

In what areas is God asking you to trust His provision? Ask for Jehovah-Jireh to reveal truth to you in your situation. How can the verse(s) that God highlighted in this text be applied in your circumstance?

God does and always will provide for those that trust Him and call on His name. That’s a simple truth. A powerful and undeniable one.



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