Echoes of the Garden in Our Very Souls – An Excerpt from the Book – Embracing Brokenness

There are many places in our lives that we have a yearning–a mysterious hunger for something we may not consciously recognize. Is it possible that our unconscious remembers what it was like to walk and talk with God in the Garden of Eden? Or maybe even more absurd–could we remember our very own spiritual creation– the one that takes place “before I placed you in your mothers’ womb?” (Jer 1:5) Have you ever closed your eyes for a few moments and asked God to show you your relationship with him before your time here on earth? Could this be the truth of “hidden away with Christ in God”? (Col 3:3)

I believe many of us have déjà vu experiences of a paradise–a place where peace and harmony reign. In this place there is an absence of fear and an abundance of love. Have you ever sat on a mountaintop or on the shoreline and experienced total serenity and wished you could live there, forever? Perhaps, it’s an echo. What about a reunion with dear friends where love abounds and harmony reigns? You know the kind—where each person is engrossed in each-others story–submitting and honoring each other, similar to how the Trinity functions “no, you 1st–that’s ok, you 1st — no you”. It’s an echo . . .

One of my favorite sites to see is a Daddy walking with his little girl, hand-in-hand. He’s her strong protector and adores her and she has no idea there is anything but beauty, hope, safety, and love in her world. It’s an echo . . .

I love to ask this during an employment interview: “tell me about a moment in time when you realized you were doing exactly what you were created for?” Passion usually fills the interviewees face as they take a deep breath and share what has filled them with life like nothing else ever could. It’s an echo . . .

Even in someone’s passing, as believers recognize where they’re headed, peaceful and expectant, patiently waiting for the reward that will soon come.  Another echo . . .  back to the Garden – walking and talking with God. Only this time face to face.



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