Sexual Brokenness & “The Church” – Series Introduction

It’s an epidemic of epic proportions.  Sexual sin and its impact on the church family is undeniable and must be addressed. The reality of the widespread nature of this epidemic may surprise you.

Christians have gotten good at wearing the fig-leaf of purity. Covering up the struggle with pornography, sex outside of marriage, marital unfaithfulness and a host of other sexual sin is commonplace. It’s not a topic that gets discussed in our churches. The answer is to bury it, stop it, filter it, account for it, and everything will be alright.

The numbers are staggering. Conquer Series sites research showing that 68% of Christian men struggle with pornography use. We believe it’s much higher. Women too. The result of this secret sin is devastating to the lives of believers in ways we can’t even imagine. How we think and act in every area of our lives is impacted by it. The shame it carries requires hiding the truth and not speaking of the need for help. We’re not talking about just counseling or accountability measures although necessary, but deep spiritual healing around the “ism” of sexual sin.

Many of you know that we’re (Colleen and Steve) working on a book project. Its primary message is to promote healing through embracing our brokenness and seeking to go deeper into the wounds and trauma in our lives that have caused so much pain. To develop a deeper intimacy with God so we can walk and talk with Him – as it was meant to be. Discovering our true-self and discarding all other false thinking around our identity and accepting our rightful place as Child of God. Wrong behaviors, such as sexual sin, are a result of seeking to fill the place in our lives that only God can occupy. We are committed to exposing Satan’s tactics and bringing the message of healing in Christ to all.


As you can imagine it comes with great cost. God has called us to this place, and we know His protection is consistent and assured. But when exposing sexual sin the stakes are raised considerably. It’s the place where the enemy has really gotten a foothold. Sex trafficking, pornography, and the exposure to all sorts of bizarre behaviors online and at an early age have been tools of destruction for an entire society. The advancements in technology and putting a phone in the hands of mere children has opened up a whole new dimension of accessibility to all sorts of temptations.

We’ll be teaching, blogging, and leading discussions on this topic in the coming weeks and months. Please join us in spreading the message God gives us. Intercede in prayer on our behalf and on the behalf of all those trapped in the web of sexual brokenness – as we go after the lynchpin in the enemies strategy to bring down the faithful.



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