The Daily Memo | July 20, 2020 | Fighting the Lions

I just completed a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible App. Written by Bob Goff, it’s called Dream Big. I was encouraged to stop hovering 10 feet above my dream. To pitch forward a little bit and get my wheels on the ground. I like that metaphor. So often we aren’t willing to risk what’s necessary to step into our appointed destiny. The purpose in which we were created.

As a business coach, I would challenge clients to go beyond the usual goals of accumulating wealth through some unique growth strategy and look at their business from a “Kingdom” perspective. To do more than consider their own desires and be the Kingdom Entrepreneur that God would have them to be. That takes courage and fortitude.

Let me explain it through the eyes of a lion hunter.

John and Sam Eldredge wrote a book called Killing Lions. Here’s an excerpt that I trust will challenge you to consider another way.

[John]  “ I was watching a remarkable documentary on the Dorobo hunters in southern Kenya. Their bows simply aren’t strong enough to bring down big game, so they steal the kill off lions. In a stunning display of courage and cunning, they walk right up to a pride devouring a wildebeest; their unwavering confidence causes the lions to run off. In the next scene the men are roasting wildebeest flank over an open fire, talking, and laughing. One of them says, “But not everybody fights lions; some people are cowards.” That is the campfire you want to be at—the feast of the daring.

This is going to take courage, because fear is the number one reason men give up, sell out. It will take perseverance because nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight. It will take cunning because most men-who-are-really-still-boys move into the world with a childish naïveté, ignore the lions, fail to reach their dreams, and then blame the world or God when in fact they were simply insisting that life allow them to remain freshmen forever. You have a number of lions to slay—fear is one. Despair is another. Entitlement—the entitlement of adolescence—is a third. Either you kill them or they eat you and your dreams for dinner.

Courage, perseverance, cunning—that’s how you kill lions. Live that and you will have a story worth telling.”

Friends. Let’s go out and slay a lion or two. This life is way too short to sit on the sidelines and wait for “eternity” to show up. Get in the game. Take a risk.

And that’s the memo.




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