The Daily Memo | July 7, 2020 | Saved and Unsaved

God only sees two categories of people. Saved and unsaved and loves them both.

Do you agree with that?

I keep hearing the words unprecedented times. They really aren’t. I was alive during the riots in the early 60’s and again in the 70’s. Mostly centered around race relations. We thought the world was coming to an end. Do you think Lot and his family thought the same when Sodom and Gomorrah got smoked? I’m sure they did. None of this is a surprise to our Lord.

If He’s not surprised, we shouldn’t be either.

The Bible is clear about the events around the final days leading to Jesus’ return for us, His children. For what it’s worth I believe these are those final days. In fact, I believe that our country, as divided as it is, has seen nothing yet. The worst is ahead of us. That’s not my word, that’s God’s Word. The violence we see is largely being incited by a small minority of the folks. BUT, the enemy knows where best to focus his efforts. As humans, we are very adept at categorizing people. It’s part of the consequences of the Fall. The Fall of man to the sin of this world. It gives us a certain level of security if we believe we’re a little better than this guy, even if we’re not as good as that other guy.

Here’s the good news. God only sees us as saved and unsaved. It’s His heart for all to be saved from sin and spend eternity with Him. He loves all of us. We’ve been created with a purpose. One, to surrender to His love, growing in His example. Secondly, to spread that love to anyone He places in our path.

What we’re witnessing in this world today is just the opposite – positioning for an advantage over another. Many social justice proponents use guilt and oppression, lording it over those they disagree with. The exact thing that they accuse their opponents of doing. How can that be explained to any fair-minded individual? It can’t. It’s the depravity of man seeking to have his own needs met apart from God.

What if we simply do our part. A part that prioritizes love over hate. Spreading that love to all others in our sphere of influence. For each of us that looks a little different. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth and do the same for those to whom we share that amazing salvation message.

And that’s the memo.




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