The Daily Memo | July 9, 2020 | We’re All Just Kids at Heart

That make-believe world we created for ourselves was magical in every way. We might conquer it all with the whisk of a sword and the help of a few good friends.

I remember running around the back yard with my shield and sword crafted from a nearly discarded refrigerator box, hoping it would hold up for the day. Saving appliance boxes from the whiles of the trash man was mandatory. After all, I needed to make a fort too, using the windows and door cutouts for my draw bridge and chain mail. Hoping to have enough to share with my best friend Ian setting up an all-out Medieval duel.

Life was so much simpler then. Not a care in the world except how we’d conquer it all at age 8. The world was truly my oyster, as Pistol told Falstaff in Shakespeare’s, Merry Wives of Windsor. The only difference is that I could care less about the pearl in the oyster. It was all about ruling the day and the block I lived on. I would reign over this Kingdom, jump on my gallant steed (two-wheeled spider bike) and survey the neighborhood. Sword in hand, ready to take on any worthy opponent. But alas, I see a damsel in distress shaking out her mop after a long hard day of chores. I’ll save her from the ill-fated resolve of a life of servitude. Come fair maiden and jump on the back. We’ll ride off into the sunset where I’ll keep you safe forever.

Life truly was simpler.

When I look at the world we live in today I wanna go back about 50 years and just hang out for the day. Under the sun and blue sky without a care in the world.

But here’s the thing. That’s how God sees us. We’re His kids. We can run and jump into his arms at any given moment. The protection He provides is all-encompassing. We need not fret over what seems to be chaos in this earthly kingdom. His heavenly Kingdom will come, much sooner than we can imagine. Now get back out there and have a little fun.

And that’s the memo.




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