The Daily Memo | August 5, 2020 | Filling The Gaps

Has God given you a vision that is yet unfulfilled? Has He assigned you a task that is still incomplete, though you’ve done everything you know to do?

Waiting periods in our life often prepare us for God’s purposes. Maybe there’s a rough edge He must smooth or a relationship He wants to restore before He’ll fully accomplish His purposes. He could be plumbing the depths of your faith, expanding its borders, and proving Himself faithful. Sometimes He’ll use these dry periods for correction, to steer a believer away from rebellion and back in a Godward direction.

Remember, it is always wise to wait upon the Lord while He prepares us for His answers. At such times, we should continue to pray and trust, but it’s essential to refrain from acting until we have heard from Him. This applies even to counsel we’ve sought from godly believers: Their advice can prove helpful but should always be brought to the Lord for His confirmation before we take action.

Anything other than God’s plan carried out God’s way and in God’s timing amounts to self-reliance. Depend on His Spirit when deciding how to proceed; any other course of action won’t lead to the full and abundant life Jesus promised.

And that’s the memo.


*InTouch Devotional – July 11, 2020*



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