The Battle in Brokenness

The battleground over racisms’ ugly tentacles is continuing to dominate the political and social landscapes. With a backdrop of rioting and looting by anarchists and agitators that are simply opportunists, there lies the reality of a world at war. Spiritual war. A battle for the heart of man that Satan has whipped into a desperate frenzy in these last days.

The voices are many and the messages predictable. It truly is a heart issue. Racism has been in existence since the beginning of time and will not be eradicated until the end of this world as we know it. Disguising it behind pleasantries and the rhetoric of tolerance is the Trojan Horse of today. We are all posers and have been since taking the first bite of that “apple”.

The name of this ministry is at the root of the issue. Until we’re willing to embrace our own brokenness and lay it at the feet of Jesus, we’ll continue to value our life and ourselves over others. Until we see others through the lens of Jesus, we’re doomed to repeat the same prejudicial behaviors that got us to this point in history.

It’s the first of September 2020 and the protests, rioting, looting, and insanity have been going on now for months – in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Is that a coincidence?  Hell no!! It’s straight from there. Will it ever end? Not until the devil is thrown into the Lake of Fire. Can each of us play a part in solving this? Absolutely. It starts with taking personal responsibility. Asking ourselves where the behavior we’re seeing stems from. In our effort to meet our need for power, prestige, and control. By attempting to fulfill core longings that can only be met in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Until we recognize that these behaviors are simply our own futile attempt to get needs met on our own terms, they will continue to rear their ugly head. YET, I am not personally responsible for others’ behavior. My role is to simply love them. Even the ones that are rioting, looting, and beating on people trying to protect their livelihoods from being destroyed.

The chaos is disheartening but predictable. If we dig more deeply into what the Bible tells us, we should expect to witness these same occurrences while awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. These events are well documented. The enemy has been released to wreak havoc on the world. To discourage the unbeliever and challenge even the staunchest of believers. It’s why we MUST put on the full armor of God and recognize there’s a war going on. Not just in the physical world but more importantly in the spiritual realm. A fight for the heart of mankind.

The Bible also predicts a final ingathering of many into the “faith”, adding to brothers and sisters in the Lord that will experience eternal life, not death. A world without war, tears, hurt, pain, wounding, and trauma. That’s the hope we have in Christ. That hope is the anchor of our soul in these turbulent times.

We must cling to the facts. We must encourage and love each other to a place of true surrender. To ditch our false self in favor of the true self that God created each of us to live in. Out of that true self comes our ability to live purposefully in our calling. To develop a deeper intimacy with God who will help us identify areas that need attention as we capture His heart to love others.

Love covers a multitude of sins. It casts out fear. It brings wholeness that can be shared in love for one another. That’s the remedy. The only remedy for this battle in brokenness.




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