The Daily Memo | September 25, 2020 | What You Were Made For

You were created with God’s purpose in mind. And until you discover his purpose for you—and follow through on it—there will always be a hole in your soul.

As Ephesians 2:10 says, you are God’s workmanship. Don’t let this important reality slip by. Say it out loud: “I am God’s workmanship.”

Do you know what that means? It means you are the product of God’s vision. God has decided what you could be and should be. And through Christ he has brought about, and continues to bring about, changes in you in accordance with his picture of what you could and should b

But his vision for you is not complete simply because God has the vision. It has to be made into a reality. So you have a crucial part in it. As Paul says, you have been crafted to do good works. The particular works God has in mind for you are important and are different from the ones he has in mind for me or for anyone else.

Honestly, I can’t get over the fact that the God of the universe has something in mind for us to do. After all, doesn’t he have other things to think about? But the apostle Paul assures us that God has prepared something specific for us to do.

This means you and I have no right to live visionless lives. If God has a vision for what we are to do with our allotment of years, we had better get in on it, don’t you think? What a tragedy it would be to miss it!

God’s vision for you is what you were made for. And more than that, his individual vision for your life is a small part of a grand plan for the universe that he envisioned and put in motion long before you or I came on the scene. I’m not exaggerating one bit when I say that your vision came from eternity past and fulfilling it will have effects lasting into eternity future.

Think about what it means to be God’s workmanship and begin trying to discern the purpose God has built into you.

And that’s the memo.


*from YouVersion Bible Reading Plan – Visioneering by Andy Stanley*



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