The Daily Memo | September 8, 2020 | Good News Today

Samiah* hated the local tribe. Its soldiers committed atrocities against her family during the war in her homeland—sexually assaulting her daughter and murdering her brother. Now at a refugee camp in Southeast Africa, her hatred for the tribe was just as fierce as the day she arrived there. Steeped in anger, Samiah vowed to never talk to any member of that tribe as long as she lived. She wished she could kill them.

But that wish changed the day she saw the JESUS film.

A Jesus Film Project ministry team was reaching out to several refugee camps and planting churches among them. The team members arrived at Samiah’s camp for a film showing of JESUS. When Samiah saw Jesus forgive the people who were crucifying Him, she burst into tears. As she witnessed the way Jesus treated His enemies, her mindset changed forever.

Samiah placed her faith in Christ soon after. In the follow-up gathering with ministry workers, she announced she has forgiven the tribe for all the evil it did. She set out to embrace its people from now on.

Now Samiah is a different person! She attends church regularly, but above all her life is full of joy, forgiveness and redemption.
(*this name has been changed to protect her identity)

I thought we could use some good news today.

And that’s the memo,




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