The Daily Memo | November 27, 2020 | Confident Expectations

“Ask Jesus to show you his kingdom.

Sanctify your imagination to him, all your spiritual gifting, and ask him to reveal to you pictures of the coming kingdom. Be specific—if you want to see the city, ask to see the city. If you want to see those waterfalls, ask to see them. You will need to be open to being surprised; do not “script” what you think you “should” see. I dreamed of ships last night—great, three-masted sailing ships. The day was clear and bright, and we were tacking into the trade winds, driving our prow through the surf at a wonderful speed. I saw other ships to my right and left, and I realized we were racing. The ocean was aquamarine, clearer than usual; I could see marine life below us, keeping pace with us. It helped to shatter my lingering religious fears that heaven is going to be boring!

Stay open to surprises; keep asking for glimpses of the kingdom any way God wants to bring them. This is how we reach into the future to take hold of the hope that is our anchor. The more our imaginations seize upon the reality, the more we will have confident expectation of all the goodness coming to us.

And if you want to take a really big risk, for an even more beautiful and encouraging picture, ask Jesus to show you as he sees you, as you are, in his kingdom. That one might take a little waiting for, because we are so fearful, but wait for it. It will be worth it.”

And that’s the memo by John Eldredge from All Things New.



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