The Daily Memo | December 10, 2020 | Watching from the Mezzanine

Most days I feel like I’m watching the world from the mezzanine. Far above the happenings of each day disconnected from reality. In my 6th decade on the planet, I remember rotary phones, programming in COBOL with punch cards in Grad school, and being witness to processing speeds (since then) 100 quadrillion times faster. What just happened?

Supersonic technological advancements haven’t changed the human condition one bit. We still find ourselves longing for a better life, in search of an identity that sets us apart from the rest, and an insatiable desire to determine outcomes. All of them. It’s an illusion we’ve come to accept. The reality is I get to choose the socks I put on and my breakfast each morning but beyond that, it’s a crapshoot.

The longer I live the smarter I get at knowing how little I understand. You can quote me on that. Especially when it comes to how God operates.

The mezzanine is not a bad place to live. Above the fray of daily life seems like a preferable option right about now. God gets to determine outcomes, I get to obey Him. I trust Him with my life, I believe He holds the key to all truth, I walk each day expectantly waiting for His intervention and live my best life.

Doesn’t that sound amazing? But, what does it take to actually pull that off?

Aaaahhhh………….. the secret to happiness. I’d say it’s more like the secret to joy. Happiness was never promised. We were told that there would be troubles in this life, especially as a Believer set apart for God’s purposes. But joy is what we’re truly living for.  We know that our destiny is determined and our future guaranteed in a place where the chaos exists NO more. Where we get to live in harmony with our fellow man and our Creator along with His creation.

How do we do that? HOPE. It’s all about HOPE. Joy comes through knowing our destiny but hope is the anchor of our soul. (Hebrews 6:19) Look it up and meditate on that today. God’s got this. When He makes all things new we get the prize of living out these promises. Happiness is fleeting, joy is promised, hope is the anchor. Spread that word to everyone you see today.

And that’s the memo.




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