The Daily Memo | January 8, 2021 | Flip The Script

If your life isn’t what you want it to be, it may be because you’re telling yourself the wrong story. You are not the mistakes you’ve made. You are not the labels put on you by other people. You are who God says you are. Anything less is false humility. If you want to change your life, start by changing your story!

If you want to win the day, you’ve got to flip the script. How? The Bible is a good starting point. Scripture is more than our script; it’s our script-cure. And that’s more than a play on words. Scripture confronts the false identities and false narratives perpetrated by the Father of Lies. It reveals the heavenly Father’s metanarrative and the unique role that each one of us plays in it.

Abraham thought he was too old. Jeremiah thought he was too young. Moses thought he was unqualified. Joseph thought he was overqualified. Gideon had an inferiority complex. Jonah had a superiority complex. Peter made too many mistakes. Nathanael was too cool for school. Paul had a thorn in the flesh. And King David was the runt of the litter.

None of that matters! Who you are is not the issue. What really mat­ters is whose you are. “If anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17). You are the apple of God’s eye. You are God’s work­manship. You are more than a conqueror, and nothing can change that. It is what it is; it is who you are.

There never has been and never will be anyone like you. That isn’t a testament to you. It’s a testament to the God who created you. The sig­nificance of that truth is this: no one can take your place. No one can worship God like you or for you. No one can serve others like you or for you. Jesus doesn’t just live in us; Christ lives as us!

Start living your life in a way that is worth telling stories about.

It’s time to flip the script!

Think on this: If you want to change your life, start by changing your story.

And that’s the memo.

By Mark Batterson on the YouVersion Bible App Reading – Plan Win The Day



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