The Daily Memo | February 2, 2021 | A Strange Thing Happened Today

We just experienced the year’s first plowable snowstorm. Not horrendous but enough to get the snowblower out. I proceeded down the driveway with the chute pointing toward the street. With very few cars around I assumed I was safe not to concern myself with a little extra snow on the already packed road surface. I needed to clear the car in my driveway before moving the chute to the left, pointing it into my front yard. A van drove by just as I sprayed the roadway, believing I missed the vehicle with any snow exiting the chute. Apparently, I was wrong.

Already at the end of my driveway, I looked up to see the van backing up to where I stood. He rolled the window down on the passenger side. I took the Bluetooth out of my ear and sunglasses off my face (because that’s the polite thing to do) and said “What’s up?” If looks could kill I’d have been a dead man lying at the end of my driveway. He proceeded to, in no uncertain terms, lecture me on how I sprayed snow on his car. (in my head I’m thinking – are you kidding me? A little snow on your van and you’re backing up to pick a fight?) Something in my spirit said, just be kind and apologize – so I did. He just kept ranting about my careless snow blowing technique. I didn’t offer up any excuses I just said, “so sorry”. The guy in the passenger seat sat passively, almost embarrassed by the encounter. I’m convinced if I was in the mood to “fight back”, I’d have had a fistfight awaiting. He drove away and thankfully no one got hurt.

Ironically, I was listening to a Podcast by John Eldredge on “Soul Care” – during a pandemic. My personal fuse has been much shorter than usual in this bizarre time. And just because the calendar flipped to 2021 doesn’t mean the issues of 2020 are behind us. It feels like there have been 14 months and counting in 2020.

Soul care is vitally important right now.

How is your heart?

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” – Proverbs 4:23

We’re not just physically and emotionally drained, but spiritually drained. Unless we care for this heart of ours, we’ll be in trouble. I’m sure the subject of that Podcast at that moment saved me from much grief and at a minimum an extremely heated exchange.

Soul care will look different for each of us but should always include quiet time with the Lord. A time where we can process what’s happening around us and how God would have us live joyfully into our personal circumstances.

That’s been my challenge during these difficult times. How ’bout you?

And that’s the memo.




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