The Daily Memo | September 1, 2021 | As It Was in the Garden – An Excerpt from the Book Embracing Brokenness

God gave me an image in my mind and imagination. That when the veil tore–we could freely step back into the garden of Eden where we could once again walk and talk with Him. As he shared this image, I realized the significance of this representation of the journey for all of us. The need for each of us to give up the law and any notion that we can work our way back to God. That we must accept all of the rites that come with accepting Jesus’ sacrifice. This sacrifice guaranteed a full return to the relational intimacy that we were not only created for, but that would provide the source of all core longings being met in Him. Allowing us to escape the snares of the flesh. This sacrifice defined us as children of God.

What was life like for us back in the Garden of Eden? Much can be said about that as we look at the few chapters of the Bible that deal with the garden. There was no sin and therefore no shame (Gen 2:25). We were not afraid of our nakedness which means we were walking in our true selves without masks, avatars, or pretenses striving to get our needs met by any means possible. There was no presence of fear, as we walked with God whose perfect love casts out all fear. (I Jn 4:18)

Eden was paradise–it was climate controlled–needed no rain and was fed by underwater springs (Gen 2:3), it was the perfect temperature. There were no diseases or pests. There were no harmful natural occurrences. Creation was perfect–God pronounced it as good (Gen 1:31). There was nothing in the garden to distract from knowing God in a perfect, undiluted way.

Relationships were harmonious, peaceful, and full of other-centered love. God walked and talked with Adam and Eve–perhaps taking on human form to do so – as they heard him coming (Gen 3:8). We communed daily with our creator. Adam and Eve enjoyed stability and tranquility.

We see in the garden a way of being with God that was lost due to sin but restored due to Christ’s sacrifice. We (the church) should be focused on returning to the Garden and aligning with “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is heaven”. It is possible friends. Walking and talking with God is available to every believer. No exceptions.

And that’s the memo.

Colleen in an excerpt from the book – Embracing Brokenness



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