The Daily Memo | October 21, 2021 | Hitting Your Full Stride

We haven’t yet seen anyone in their true glory. Including you.

Yes, Mozart did start writing symphonies as a child, and Picasso could draw before he could talk. But most human beings are profoundly thwarted in their “calling” here because of wounding, assault, envy, or circumstances that would never let them fly. For most human beings on this planet, work ranges from disappointing to oppressive. What does the kingdom offer those men who work the Indonesian sulfur mines or the tens of millions of modern slaves upon the earth? This is not what God intended. How many Mozarts are there right now, hidden in slums and huts across the globe?

All your creativity and gifting will be restored and then some when you are restored. All of that latent potency inside of you—so damaged here, marred, frustrated, never given the opportunity to grow and develop and express itself—all of it completely restored, including your personality. From there you are able to act in the new world in ways far greater than Adam and Eve were able to act the first time around (and look at what humanity has been able to do with “be fruitful … rule” [Genesis 1:28] in a broken world!). You will have absolute intimacy with Jesus Christ, and his life will flow through your gifts unhindered. Imagine what we will be capable of, how vast our powers in the new earth! We know we shall walk on water, for Peter did on this earth at Jesus’ bidding. How far do our creative and artistic capacities reach?

When we are in our home, our natal home, 

When joy shall carry every sacred load,

And from its life and peace no heart shall roam, 

What if thou make us able to make like thee— 

To light with moons, to clothe with greenery,

To hang gold sunsets o’er a rose and purple sea!

(George McDonald, Diary of an Old Soul)

What will you do in the life to come? Everything you were born to do. Everything you’ve always wanted to do. Everything the kingdom needs you to do.

And that’s the memo.

By John Eldredge from All Things New



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