The Daily Memo | February 23, 2022 | Accepting God’s Gift of Love

Many people simply can’t believe that the Lord loves them. Others think He does, but only when they perform to some imaginary standard of excellence. Why is it so hard for some of us to accept His unconditional love?

One reason is that we have a hard time loving other people without restrictions. The way we show care and acceptance can be shaded by self-interest. Or it might ebb and flow, depending upon the other person’s behavior. The fact that human love can be conditional causes us to wrongly assume that the Lord’s can as well.

A sense of unworthiness is another factor. But whether or not we feel deserving of God’s love, the truth is that no one is worthy of His goodness and mercy. The Father’s love has nothing to do with our merit; it is based solely on His grace, Jesus’ work of redemption on our behalf, and our secure position in Christ. To consider yourself beyond the reach of grace is to trample on the Son’s sufficient sacrifice and the Father’s generous gift.

Like so much of the Christian life, accepting God’s love is a matter of faith. Even when you can’t feel it, believe it.

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By In Touch Ministries



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