The Daily Memo | March 15, 2022 | Friendship With God

God desires friendship with you. God doesn’t tolerate you, neither does He love you out of obligation. Love is simply who He is.

You aren’t called to just follow God but you are invited into fellowship with Him. That word ‘fellowship’ translated in the Greek, is ‘koinonia’ which means association, community, intercourse, joint participation and communion. God is ultimately calling you to live your life close to Him.

This friendship that you are called to with God produces fruit. The deeper the friendship, the greater the transformation. The closeness that you have with God enables you to create. It heightens your ability to innovate and problem solve. God’s friendship is the key to truly flourish in life.

Friendship with God looks like you inviting God into every area of your life, giving Him your time and attention, whilst giving Him room to speak back to you. It’s learning His heart and mind through the Word. As you unveil your true self to God, He will unveil His true self to you. Friendship with God is a divine exchange.

When you follow the life of Moses in Exodus, it’s evident that he led and operated from a place of joint participation with God. Everything he did and all that he achieved was a result of his friendship with God.

It’s the same for you, too. God is calling you closer. Are you just a follower or a friend?

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