The Daily Memo | June 27, 2022 | Three Conversions Everyone Needs

At an Alpha Conference, someone handed me a scrap of paper with a note describing what had happened to her friend: ‘Sue (who was not a Christian) was attending a rehab clinic for people with severe respiratory problems. She had a chronic condition (COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) that was getting progressively worse.

The clinic meets at our church building. She arrived for her clinic, but there was no one there. (She had got the wrong date!) She waited around and had a look through flyers about our next Alpha.  Sue turned up for our course on Wednesday evening. She soaked it all up and was full of excitement and interest. She came to church on the Sunday and was back again on the Wednesday.

It suddenly clicked for Sue that Jesus is God! A huge piece of the jigsaw for her. She gave her life to the Lord – dramatic. She called her sister to tell her she had become a Christian and her sister was in the middle of a meeting with a friend to pray for Sue! She had been praying for her for twenty-five years!

The following Sunday – Sue came to church, came forward for prayer for healing, and was remarkably healed of her COPD. She has been running up and down stairs at home, off her medications, etc! She met with her physio at the medical clinic who was astonished at what had happened to her.

She has been healed and has since prayed for and seen others healed, including one of cancer! ‘On 30 April Sue was baptized and brought over 150 friends and family to celebrate with her. She is having a huge impact on people – evangelizing to anyone that will stand still long enough to listen!’

John Wimber often used to say that we all need three conversions: to be converted to Christ, converted to his church and converted to his cause. Sue was obviously not only converted to Christ, but also instantly converted to his church and to his cause!

And that’s the memo.

By Nicky Gumbel



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