The Daily Memo | July 5, 2022 | Is Jesus In It?

We’ve got to remember, folks, that no matter how promising an idea sounds, if God’s not in it, you don’t want to be in it either. This is true of a relationship, career change, buying or selling a house, even something as simple as a vacation. We only want what Jesus is in; we only want what our Father is giving.

The key test for this moment is not only “I give you my allegiance, Jesus” but also “I only want what you are doing.”

And what is Jesus doing right now?

Is he trying to secure a happy little life for everyone on the planet?

Or is he trying to prepare every human heart and soul for his sudden, surprising return? Only the return of Jesus will bring about the healing of this broken planet.

When Jesus says things like, “Don’t be alarmed,” “Don’t let your heart be troubled,” and “See that your hearts are not weighed down,” he’s making an assumption that we play an active role in protecting our own hearts. It is we who choose not to allow our hearts to be overtaken by fear or sorrow. It is certainly in our power to choose what we give our hearts over to. The rich experience of having God come for us, speak to us, and move on our behalf can lead us to believe that it’s all up to him. But this is not the case.

Where are we chasing life? We must make sure that this tender part of our heart belongs to Jesus.

And that’s the memo.

By John Eldredge from RESILIENT



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