The Daily Memo | August 3, 2022 | Lukewarm

Laodicea, a rich commercial city famed for its high-quality black wool and medicinal eye ointment, was dependent for its water supply on the hot springs from Hierapolis six miles north. By the time the piped water reached Laodicea, it had become lukewarm.

The stern rebuke to the Laodiceans describing them as “lukewarm” and “blind and naked” (Revelation 3:16–17) as well as Jesus’ call to repentance in verse 18 are couched in terms of these economic activities.

Earlier, the apostle Paul had expressed concern for the Laodicean believers. His letter to the Colossians was also meant to be shared with them and likewise a letter sent to Laodicea was to be shared with the Colossians (Colossian 4:16). Some scholars believe this letter is the one sent to the Ephesians.

Most importantly for us today is understanding and responding to the same admonition. We must dispose of any notion that being lukewarm is an option. God is calling us to engage in the message of our age, of any age. The Gospel message of salvation at a time when so many are questioning so much. We must speak the truth of God’s love and His grace among the division and hatred that has been adopted as acceptable.

And that’s the memo.



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