The Daily Memo | September 9, 2022 | Who’s the Boss?

It seems some people are born knowing what they want to do with their lives. Others jump around, trying one thing after another, never finding a fit. But both groups are in error—no matter how successful they are (or aren’t) in the world’s eyes—if they never asked God to help them discern His will.

Psalm 103:19 tells us, “The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, and His sovereignty rules over all.” This means there is nothing left to chance, no detail so small that the Almighty doesn’t care enough to concern Himself with it. Thankfully, we don’t have to work our entire life wondering if we’re headed in the right direction. Instead, our loving Father both ordains our steps and helps us grow into who we’re meant to be. Like David, we can take comfort in the Lord’s perfect provision and sing, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me” (Ps. 57:2 ESV).

Think about it. Read Psalm 37:23-24. Are your steps “established by the Lord” or are you calling the shots? Ask your heavenly Father to help you set things right, and center your life firmly in His will.

And that’s the memo.

By InTouch Ministries



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