The Daily Memo | January 16, 2023 | A Bow in the Cloud 


When I was a little kid, I would try and imagine running to the end of a rainbow to find that pot of gold, wondering if I could get there fast enough before it disappeared. It looked so far away though. Was there a leprechaun waiting there too? I’d get on my bike and start peddling just in time to watch it disappear. Maybe next time I thought.

How amazing it must have been for Noah and his family to see the promise God made, painted in the sky with the entire spectrum of color in full display. (Genesis 9:1-17)

God promised he’d never again destroy the world by flood and reminded us of it once and for all. There will be judgment again when Jesus returns, but it won’t be by a great flood. It’ll be through the recognition that our Savior, Jesus, has returned to take His kids to their eternal home. Once and for all. No more floods, no more tears.

I won’t be looking for that pot of gold or a leprechaun, I’ll simply be enjoying the presence of my Father for eternity. How ‘bout you?

And that’s the Memo.




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