The Daily Memo | January 19, 2023 | What’s Your Story?

No one escapes the lies the enemy perpetrates in our life. It’s not possible. Whether from well-intentioned individuals like the Pastor, or ill-intentioned people that are dead set against us. Most of those people have wounds of their own that need attention. Lies are commonplace in the world where we reside. The enemy has been telling them since the beginning and continues to do so because they’re an effective tool to take us out of the battle. To sideline us for at least this lifetime.

We must say no! No to any agreement we’ve made that we’re not good enough. That God doesn’t really love us and he’s abandoned us to fend for ourselves.

Let’s focus on what is true about you once more.

You are accepted.

You are secure.

You are significant.

Neil Andersen wrote a small pocket-book he titled Your Identity in Christ. We highly recommend it. In fact, it’s small enough you can carry it around with you as a constant reminder of the truth. The truth of who God says you are.

Three Chapters. One, You Have Every Right to Be Free. Two, You Can Win the Battle for Your Mind. Three, Jesus Has You Covered.

I’ll only tell you this and you can get the little book for yourself and read it. “Nothing is more foundational to your freedom from Satan’s bondage than understanding and affirming what God has done for you in Christ and who you are as His Child. Your attitudes, actions, responses, and reactions to life’s circumstances are greatly affected by what you believe about yourself. If you see yourself as a helpless victim of Satan and his schemes, you will probably live like a victim and be in bondage to his lies. But if you see yourself as a dearly loved and accepted child of God, you will likely start living like one.”[i]

And that’s the Memo.

By Steve Adams – An Excerpt from the upcoming book, Embracing Brokenness

[i] Neil T. Anderson, Your Identity In Christ, pgs. 8-9



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