The Daily Memo | May 15, 2023 | No Guarantees

I was reading an article written by an acquaintance of mine. He makes a great point. God-given creativity doesn’t rely on past formulas or man-made rules.  

Yet there’s something in us that wants consistent, guaranteed results. And if there’s a proven shortcut that promises to get us there even faster, all the better. Except that’s not how God designed the process to work.

I find myself looking for shortcuts to results that can only come over time. Especially when it comes to spreading the message that God’s given us here at Embracing Brokenness Ministries. The problem with that faulty logic is that I become the center of the plan, not God, not Jesus, and certainly not the Holy Spirit. Countless times I’ve found myself in the middle of an encounter with an individual or group and am amazed at how little I had to do with any of it. It was all God orchestrated.

You’d think I’d learn. But…

There’s a certain amount of risk that we take when yielding all to our Creator God. It’s as if to say that I’m willing not to rely on my manmade formulas and live on the edge of uncertainty with Him. That’s uncomfortable for most of us who have serious control issues.

My new friend went on to say this. “We must trade the way it’s always been done for what’s never been done.”

May that be your mantra, I’m slowly making it mine.

And that’s the Memo.




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