The Daily Memo | June 20, 2023 | The Blame Game

Tree of Life

It began sometime after day 6. We’re not sure exactly how long it took, but apparently, Satan got busy tempting Adam and Eve soon after he was relegated to planet Earth when leading his great rebellion. One that would take about a third of the angels with him and out of God’s presence.

Then came the blame game.

God is holding out on you, he told Adam and Eve. It’s his fault, you too can know the difference between good and evil the crafty serpent declared. Just partake of this fruit and it’ll all be better. Eve took it, ate it, and gave it to Adam who passively was standing by without resistance.

When confronted by God, Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent, and we’ve been doing the same thing ever since. You’d think we’d take personal responsibility at some point for the free will God gave us. But no, it feels better to place the responsibility on someone else.

But….. I’ve felt so much better since accepting Jesus’ gift of salvation leading to a renewed relationship with God. I still blame others at times, but the Holy Spirit living in me is quick to convict me of my own sin which makes it so much easier to repent and reconcile. – to rest in the forgiveness of God and others leading to real change and healing in my own life.

How about you?

Watch the video linked above where The Bible Project explains in more detail what happened all those years ago.

And that’s the memo.




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