The Daily Memo | July 31, 2023 | Tiptoe Preaching

I coined a new phrase. Tiptoe Preaching. In short, Tiptoe Preaching is preaching that avoids hard-hitting facts using flowery language to teach Biblical Truth. 

What do I mean by that?

Colleen and I were invited recently to speak at a small conference here in our local community. As we prayed about the topic chosen, it became clear that God wanted us to deliver a powerful truth.

 “Believers and The Spiritual Plateau” was the topic. The truth is how devastating the world’s influence has been on the Believers’ resilience in carrying out the Great Commission. Many people that call themselves Christians have simply given up. Not challenging themselves to get better connected to God and His Word. But being less connected, in isolation, and avoidance of the battle for their heart.

The enemy is advancing in his efforts to turn up the heat on all mankind as we draw nearer to Jesus’ return. That’s what I call a hard-hitting fact without any flowery language.

There’s no room for tiptoe preaching or teaching. The spiritual warfare around the Believer’s mission has been stepped up to levels not seen in my lifetime. We cannot sit on the sidelines. We must ask God what He’s called us into during these last days. Revival is coming. Revival is here. The only question is whether you want to be part of God’s plan in the process or sit idly by, tiptoeing around the edges.

We must engage in this battle and develop a deeper relationship with God that will change our future as well as generations to come.

And that’s the memo.




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