The Daily Memo | August 18, 2023 | Golden Retriever Pup by Guest Author Jay Payleitner

Updating the Payleitner family dog history.

Cubby, 1985, a mutt from the pound. Named by then two-year-old Randy. Cubby was slowing down when we got Madison, which perked the old girl up for two more years!

Madison, 1996, Golden Retriever. Mostly Rae Anne’s dog. Came into our lives when Rae was just three-years-old. My daughter and I cried and cried in the vet’s office when we said good-bye. An illustration of Maddy by Rex Bohn even made it into my first book, Once Upon a Tandem.  

Briggs, 2007, Silky Terrier. (I mean terror.) She overlapped with Madison a year or so. Briggs was always entertaining, but not friendly with kids or postal workers. We hugged her good-bye after a stroke of some kind last November.

Which left Jay contentedly dogless.  But Rita, not so much.  

So meet Addison. Named after the beloved Madison. And also the address of Wrigley Field. (Clark and Addison.) A name not sullied by the engaging performance by Tatum O’Neal in “Paper Moon.” Nor by an equally engaging breakthrough performance by Bruce Willis in “Moonlighting” as David Addison.  

I had forgotten how puppy fur is so, so soft.

Addy is a very, very good dog. But still a puppy. So if you think “Payleitner Puppy Patience” is worthy of a place on your prayer requests, that would be appropriate.

And, if you want to stop by for a dose of puppy love, please do.  

Appreciate you,

P.S. from Steve & Colleen. What an encouraging email to get after losing our Golden Retriever, Tucker. Thanks Jay.



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