The Daily Memo | September 22, 2023 | The Original Truth of Creation

Year after year, generation after generation, Rosh Hashanah is celebrated by countercultural groups of people who resist the thundering, punitive voice of the pharaoh who tries to reduce their identity to enslaved producers: “More bricks! More bricks!” Instead, it commemorates our existence as human miracles, not human resources.

Rosh Hashanah says that we are already built to be loved by God and remain safe in his presence. Instead of asking us to please God (or others) by becoming more than we are, Jesus invites us to see who we already are. It’s a different story, one that scraps the notion of “human resources” or “human failures” by embracing the original truth of creation: Humans are miraculous creations of God, made for life and love with him and each other in this generous, flourishing, and good creation.

What if this year we take the chance to pause and ask, “What story am I being told? And what story do I truly want to be a part of?”

And that’s the memo.

By Aaron Shaw & The BibleProject Team



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