The Daily Memo | September 7, 2023 | Just Try It

There’s something I’d want to encourage you to consider.

Drum roll, please!

Invest the first 15 minutes of your day in the presence of the Lord. In silence, in prayer, and in God’s Word. Ask Him to open your heart to what He has for you in those opening moments of your day. If you get bold, you’ll gradually creep up to an hour. That’s what I did today. You’ll be shocked as to how well the rest of the day will materialize, even if it turns into a disaster from the world’s perspective. I can’t think of a better way to kick start my fast-paced life than with the Lord each day.

Here’s how it went for me this Thursday. Woke up, asked God to show me a picture of His love for me, showered, did a 10-minute intense workout regimen, drank 32 ounces of water, and headed to my chair in the backyard. No, I did not touch one device with a screen on it. Prayed for my wife, our ministry, and the day, filled the bird feeders while all along watching for that picture I asked for. Then as if God said, Here I am, two Chickadees landed on the branch above my head and said hello to me in their native language – off they went. Then I wrote this memo and listened to the Bible in One Year on the YouVersion app for today. 1-hour. It flew by and I loved it.

Just try it! It may become a regular thing. The best you’ve ever experienced.

And that’s the memo.




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