The Daily Memo | October 27, 2023 | I See You

It’s been a rough few weeks for Colleen and me. Between extended travel, fatigue, illness, a new puppy to care for, a car that broke down and needs thousands of dollars of repair (first world problem), and the most taxing of all – spiritual warfare.

When we committed to placing the security of a paycheck in the rear-view mirror, we knew it would be no panacea. We also knew the enemy would hassle us at every turn. Making the decision to finish strong and be all in for Him carries with it much responsibility but also strong guarantees that God will lead in all things. We simply need to surrender. As fragile human beings, we begin to understand the true meaning of “take up your cross and follow me”. Look up Matthew 16:24-26 for additional context.

To be clear, I’m not complaining. I’m explaining. For several months we’ve been caught in the haze of the battle. Feeling as if we aren’t making a difference. As if it wasn’t worth it.

But God knows better. We know better.

From over 100 nominations we were awarded a substantial cash prize at the very end of the FaithfulGive (a multi-day online fundraising event for Christian organizations in our community). The criteria for selection: “This year’s most prestigious prize will be awarded to the FaithfulGive Cause that has demonstrated wisdom, love, and persistent courage under challenging circumstances.”

In His not-so-subtle way, He simply said, “I see you”. It was completely unexpected and not even about the money. It was all about the God Kiss. Reaching into our lives and seeing us.

Friends, He Sees You.

And that’s the memo.





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