The Daily Memo | October 9, 2023 | The Generosity of Friends and Their Calling

It’s so peaceful here. It’s called Togus Pond but I’ve never seen a lake-sized pond like this one. It’s beautiful. Tree-lined shores surrounded by nature and a few lakehomes dot the landscape. The sounds of God’s creation are all around, starting with the unique call of the Kingfisher and Loon. Add in a couple Pintail ducks and the symphony begins. What could be better than this? Heaven, I’m sure, but this feels like a close second.

We decided to get away for a bit. To unplug from the matrix and see what God had in store. Our goal was simple; vision with God and get closer to the finish line on the book we’ve been writing for years. The work encapsulates the ministry that God has called us into. Embracing Brokenness – How God Uses Failure and Adversity to Draw Us Back to The Garden – Restored in Him! Everyone has a story. How God wants to build a relationship with us and live that story out in our individual lives is a mystery to most of us, until we answer the call. It’s a unique call. As unique as the Loon’s tremolo echoing around the lakefront.

Our good friends answered the call to donate 90% of the profits generated from renting out the Lakehouse they so generously provided for our enjoyment as a ministry. It’s a calling. They do so with two other properties located elsewhere. Clean water, that’s the cause. One that we take for granted.

What has God asked of you? I can answer that succinctly. Your life. My life. We’re on a short-term mission trip here on Earth. We can live it for us or we can live it for Him. I say it’s all about Him. What say you?

And that’s the memo.




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