The In Between | Wholeheartedly, Katie

After the hurt. Before the healing.

After the heartbreak. Before the mending.

After the brokenness. Before the wholeness.

There lies the In Between.

Where things don’t make sense, but you’re hoping, praying, pleading that God is going to turn it for His good.

Where you’re so aware of the broken places in your life, but you still feel so far from restoration.

Know that God isn’t waiting for you at the end of the trial.

He’s not waiting for you to clean up your mess before you come to Him.

He’s with you, in the In Between.

So instead of trying to rush the In Between, notice Him. His faithfulness. His love. His grace. His splendor.

The healing at the end will be incredible. But don’t miss out on the sweetness of the In Between.





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