The Daily Memo | December 27, 2023 | Free to Enjoy God

Several of the gospels mention children coming to Jesus (Matthew 19:13-14; Luke 18:15-17; Mark 10:13-16). Some of them probably climbed onto His lap, while others perhaps sat at His feet. We might picture them asking Him lots of questions, begging to hear more parables, and whispering secrets in His ear. It isn’t surprising that they would gather around Jesus, who loves us perfectly.

Contrast this snapshot of Jesus’ warm nature with the picture some Christians have of God—they see Him as a judgmental taskmaster who motivates by intimidation. While it’s true we are to obey God’s commands, we’re also to delight in Him just as we would in the company of a close friend.

When we envision a harsh God, we end up devoting much time and energy trying to “earn” our salvation. But God’s sovereign authority is perfectly balanced with everlasting, unconditional love. He wants His children to relax and enjoy spending time with Him.

Our Father looks past our flaws and instead sees the precious child He created. In fact, because of His great love, He sent Jesus Christ to save our life so we could be with Him eternally in heaven. We have no greater friend.

And that’s the memo.

By InTouch Ministries



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