The Daily Memo | January 29, 2024 | Consequences to Choices

I was reminded by an acquaintance of mine that there’s more at stake than what feels good in the moment we make choices.

Then what?

In the short run, there may be a great deal of satisfaction from eating that 1,000-calorie bowl of ice cream (speaking from experience). Then what? 3 ½ of those add one more pound to my belly.

If I ignored my friend for a month, who I felt dissed me as we walked by one another at work without uttering a word, then what?

If I grow impatient in ministry and plow ahead with my project because I believe God isn’t moving fast enough, then?

You get the idea. Read Matthew 7:20. I’m gonna make you look it up.

As my pal reminded me in these words, “I encourage you to get to know these two words. They’ll bring clarity to the eventual fruit of your choices…right here, in the now. Because if you choose that, then what?”

And that’s the memo.




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