The Daily Memo | January 4, 2024 | Hope in Every Season

As we close out 2023, it’s natural to consider this period as an ending. But each ending is also a beginning; it’s a matter of perspective. And while it’s healthy to reflect on the year we’ve completed, it’s important to embrace each day God gives us and approach it with openness, gratitude, and hope. With His help, we can be like the snowdrop flower—the first to emerge from the winter ground and bloom.

The snowdrop is a symbol of resilience—and today’s passage touches on that very theme. The author, Jeremiah, mourns Jerusalem’s destruction and his people’s desolation. But he also expresses a profound realization: “I recall this to my mind, therefore I wait. The Lord’s acts of mercy indeed do not end, for His compassions do not fail. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

We, like Jeremiah, lament when we face desolation, uncertainty, and brokenness. Life’s challenges can overwhelm us. Yet, in the midst of the mess, we are reminded that hope is not lost. It is firmly rooted in the character of our unchanging God.

The snowdrop’s emergence is nature’s proclamation of a new season and an invitation to dwell on the Lord’s faithfulness. His lovingkindness never fails, and His compassions flow continually.

And that’s the memo.

By InTouch Ministries



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