Hearing God | The Daily Memo | February 28, 2024

I’ve been enlightened on the subject of conversational intimacy with God over the last several years. Growing up in a conservative protestant church I was not exposed to the category of hearing from God, except perhaps in my own innocent imagination. I did believe we heard from God in the obvious place, His Word. That’s a no-brainer for anyone who professes a faith in Christ.

I learned over the years that He spoke to me through other people and through circumstances. Repeatedly He pointed the way through open and closed “doors” at times of extreme uncertainty. But hearing in my heart and mind was a foreign concept.

Yet, the Bible is full of examples of God “speaking” to His people. Old and New Testament. Audibly and through the Holy Spirit. Why we would think those documented encounters are there for any other reason than as an example of what’s possible and an encouragement to each of us is puzzling. Yet, I just didn’t get it until my life was turned upside down due to a series of bad choices by me and others that rocked my world. I had to consider the option that God really does want to communicate to each of us in a more intimate way. Especially since I hadn’t done a very good job of figuring out life on my own.

God speaks through the Spirit that lives in each of us. I’m not familiar with anyone that heard Him speak audibly, including myself, but He always speaks through His Word.

It took a refocusing and a deconstruction of sorts to open my eyes to the possibilities. And then being guided by the Holy Spirit by simply asking for His help and asking for His guidance and direction.

And that’s the memo.




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