The Daily Memo | February 16 , 2024 | No Fear in Love

If you’ve ever enlisted in the military, joined a rescue team, or even given birth to a baby, you know people don’t take on dangerous tasks because they falsely believe the mission is safe. No, we agree to face potential peril because someone or something we love dearly is worth taking any risk.

This can help us understand why God so often tells His followers not to be afraid and then gives encouragement to boldly move forward in obedience, courage, and trust. While fear may spur us to action, love is a more powerful motivator. We will do out of love what we would never do out of fear.

So divine love compels us. God—who created this world, who took on flesh to walk among us and redeem us, who died to save us—has given us perfect love. And we demonstrate this love from God by loving each other. Even when we are afraid.

What a mission God has given us—to both receive His perfect love and demonstrate it to each other. In the process of carrying out that mission, we will find that where love abounds, there’s no room left for our fears.

And that’s the memo.

By Charles Stanley



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