The Daily Memo | February 5, 2024 | Infinite Forgiveness

Some people say the most difficult part of any job is not the task itself or the challenge involved but getting along with coworkers. Are you surprised? Getting along with other humans is where things likely fall apart. So, after Jesus drives home God’s intention that not even one of His little ones should perish, the immediate takeaway He gives the disciples is conflict management advice.

Jesus says to point out transgressions privately to a brother or sister in sin. Few of us love confrontation whether we’re on the giving or receiving end. But if we find the courage to address this kind of situation correctly, we may save a relationship.

Of course, confrontation often goes sideways. As Jesus unpacks this possibility, Peter asks how many times he must forgive his brother—even seven times?

That small number represents a large amount of pain to the disciple. But Jesus doesn’t hesitate: Yes, and even seventy times seven times. In Jesus’ culture, the symbolic “seventy times seven” didn’t equal 490; it equaled infinity. In other words, forgiveness is something Christ followers should always practice.

Salvation is instantaneous, but discipleship is a lifelong journey. We will need each other’s encouragement—and the grace and mercy of God—as we learn to forgive the way Jesus taught us.

And that’s the memo.

By InTouch Ministries



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