The Unseen Battle | The Mid-Week Memo | May 22, 2024

A 2022 Gallup study shows a record-low 20% of Americans now say the Bible is the literal word of God, down from 24% the last time the question was asked in 2017, and half of what it was at its high points in 1980 and 1984. Meanwhile, a new high of 29% say the Bible is a collection of “fables, legends, history and moral precepts recorded by man.” This marks the first time significantly more Americans have viewed the Bible as not divinely inspired than as the literal word of God.[i]

Do you think there’s an unseen battle taking place for our minds and hearts?

The casualties of THIS war are not always apparent. Unlike wounds on the outside, the invisible scars on the inside reveal a terrible truth, that this world is not safe. So, who do we blame for the horrendous things happening to us? Ourselves? God? Other people? The Devil? And how do we heal those things that are not always apparent?

Well – it’s a process. Recognizing that this world is NOT a safe place and we do have an enemy that hates us is a very good start to the process.

Just look at fallen creation. We can learn much from the way the bird kingdom interacts.

I was peering out the window – while in the shower. Yes, we have a window in the shower. It’s located at eye level, in case you were worried about too much exposure to the elements.

There on the ground, near our bird feeders, was a Mourning Dove making his way around the plethora of nuts and seeds I had tossed there the night before. He was in bird heaven – fat, dumb, and happy as most doves look while chowing down on the delicacies of the day. Suddenly another dove landed in the tiny plot of ground assigned to this feast. My seemingly meek, fat, dumb, and happy fine feathered friend, acting like his whole life was being threatened, launched into full attack mode on this unsuspecting peer. Off went his rival and equilibrium was restored. All was well in dove world – for a second or two. Then like something out of a bad dream, another dive-bombed into the feeding frenzy and my little guy launched beak-first into action. It was an all-out, take no prisoners, assault. He won again, and the other guy headed for the hills – or nearby tree in this case.

Then it struck me.  That selfish little bugger – he’s just like me. If anybody messes with my pile of stuff, boy, are they in trouble. And in a bird’s world what else is there but eating, pooping, sleeping and making more little birds?  Just like him, I’m saying don’t get near my territory, or my woman, or my career, or my pride, or my wounded parts. I’m having none of that.

The dove taught me a lesson that day. Since the fall of man, even the bird population lost harmony. I can only imagine when in the Garden of Eden, that dove would have welcomed his buddies with open wings. Heck, he may even have tossed a few seeds their way. Then happily shared the real estate with the rest of his friends. But sin ruled the day and has ever since.

And that’s the mid-week memo.

By Steve Adams

[i] Gallup, Fewer in U.S. Now See Bible as Literal Word of God, July 6, 2022



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