69. Wealth | A Blessing or A Curse?

by Steve Adams

Garnering and harboring excessive wealth is something that has been nibbling at my conscience for a while. I can’t escape the gnawing feeling. The unfathomable amount of money resident not only in this country but around the world and the huge disparaging gap between those with and those without is striking.

God has a lot to say about finances in his Word. In fact, money and possessions are the second most referenced topic in the Bible – money is mentioned more than 800 times. How we treat the poor, how we manage our finances, and our accountability in doing so in this life is paramount.

Over the years I have come across a number of very rich Christians. Some of them are among the godliest and most committed believers I have known. Their riches are not necessarily a sign of God’s blessing – but neither are they something bad. The key thing is how you see your money, and what you do with it.

In today’s podcast, we take a deeper look at wealth and how God views it.


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