81. God Stories | Episode 4 | With Cathie Henry Rosado

by Steve Adams & Cathie Rosado

Continuing on in our series of interviews with friends and allies, sharing God Stories from the past and present. Stories where our lives have been forever changed by a God who loves us and saved us each one.

On today’s podcast, Steve is joined by Author, Speaker, and Mom of many, Cathie Rosado. We’ll discuss her book, among other topics, Choosing Plan A – A Mother’s Adventure with Adoption, Acceptance after Miscarriage, and, Acknowledging the Miracle of Children

Cathie was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where more than 250 years of her family history is strongly rooted. “Be fruitful and multiply” was very practical advice for this largely agrarian society. Cathie’s immediate family would depart from that tradition as her parents met in college and moved toward professional office occupations. She and her younger brother enjoyed a middle-class life, and though their parents divorced, it was amicable, and life was pretty good.
Cathie graduated from a public high school and defied what some saw as odds stacked against her, eventually graduating with a bachelor’s of science in economics with a concentration in accounting and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She headed into her professional career with many expectations for what life would look like, and then the year 2000 changed everything.

In that one year, she went from being a single professional finishing her Penn State MBA to a married working mother experiencing a whirlwind of change. “Be fruitful and multiply” would not look the same for her as it did for her ancestors. Expectations of how things were going to be would have to be tossed out the window as a whole new adventure lay ahead—one where she would have to keep moving forward even when the steps were difficult or unclear.

Today, Cathie continues to work full time in a professional role while juggling parenting and embracing her passion for volunteering and impacting people. She is trying to figure out her developing grandparent role while the nest is still pretty full. While this book may be her story, the prayer is that it encourages and positively impacts you as you live your story.
Cathie welcomes your feedback and would love to hear from you. To connect with her by email: contact@ChoosingPlanA 

Everybody has a story. Some we’d rather not tell, others we can’t keep quiet about. Or at least not quiet about God’s goodness in our lives, especially when the difference He makes has an everlasting impact. We’re never the same because of Him.

This is some of Cathie’s story.


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