88. Can Humans Flourish in the Absence of Shalom?

by Steve & Colleen Adams

On today’s Podcast, Steve and Colleen ask the question of whether it’s possible for humanity to truly flourish on this side of heaven without Shalom. The discussion turns to the broader definition of Shalom as intended in scripture, not simply defined as Peace.

In Hebrew, it means peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity (not necessarily financial), welfare, and tranquility.

According to the Surgeon General over 50% of Americans, which equates to millions of people, live with a profound sense of loneliness. Loneliness decreases life expectancy by 30% and is more dangerous than obesity and drug abuse. Just one example of what the absence of Shalom yields.

Every worldview imparts a particular vision of human flourishing. This is true of the biblical worldview as well.

Unfortunately, apart from Christ, these worldviews do nothing to respond to the consequences of fallen relationships, being a part of a greater story, and living for the only thing that can truly bring joy – the complete confidence that God is in control of every aspect of my life—so only artificial happiness can be obtained and it constantly required “more” to feed its fire.

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