89. Joseph Grenny & Steve Adams Discuss God Stories of Change from The Other Side Academy

by Joseph Grenny & Steve Adams

Joseph Grenny is a New York Times bestselling author of eight books, including the communication classic, Crucial Conversations. His work has been used by nearly half of the Forbes Global 2000 and has helped millions of people achieve better relationships and results.

He cofounded Crucial Learning (formerly VitalSmarts), one of the world’s most respected learning and organization development firms, offering courses in communication, performance, and leadership.

Joseph also cofounded The Other Side Academy (TOSA), a residential school that teaches vocational and life skills to people with histories of crime, addiction, and homelessness.

On today’s Podcast Steve talks with Joseph about the program at TOSA and the resultant changes evident in their students’ lives. He also shares how God called him into this vital mission and the influence he’s had by being obedient to that calling.

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