Pursuing Life in Christ & The Transformational Journey

by Steve & Colleen Adams

Our journey toward wholeness is a process, starting with the decision to follow Christ. Yet, there are many steps in the process before and after that decision. Speaking with a group of folks at a nearby retirement community, Steve and Colleen provide deeper insights into that transformational journey revealed in research done by George Barna, and share their own experiences along the way.

Six years after beginning what he assumed would be a relatively typical research process that sought to better understand how God transforms people’s lives, researcher Barna discovered that he had tackled a deeply challenging and amazingly revealing journey. The product of his effort was the ability to identify some of the developmental processes, experiences, and obstacles that are common across the lives of Americans of all backgrounds. He contends that while the details of people’s developmental story differ, everyone is on a spiritual journey and there is sufficient similarity in those journeys that we can describe a normative life path – a map that can help people make greater progress if their goal is to become more Christ-like. Some of his findings are presented in this talk.