Freedom For All – An Excerpt from the Book – Embracing Brokenness

Have you ever asked yourself the question, how did I get here? To this place in my life where things just don’t add up?

If I’m a devoted Christ-follower doing the best I can, why does it feel like something is terribly wrong with me or the world around me? Have you ever had feelings of not measuring up or being good enough, even questioning what you were created for?

Questions like this challenge every one of us. Life wounds us. From an early age every experience, good or bad, impacts how we view ourselves and how we view God.  The lens through which we interpret life gets distorted. The battle began when we bit that darn fruit in the Garden of Eden, deciding we wanted to be like God. Instead, we got a view of evil we never expected. How could we? We had no idea what evil was. We weren’t created for it.

The devil is slick – coning Adam and Eve into believing knowledge of good AND evil was a good thing. Thanks a lot, Mr. Serpent!

Since that fateful day we’ve been doing everything we can to reconnect with God, but not in the way He intended. Let’s face it, we live in a world at war. Facing an enemy that seeks to destroy us. Lies, deceit, distortions of truth. You name it, every rotten thing he can muster is used against us.

The challenge is to embrace the broken places in ourselves. The places where the enemy made headway. The wounded and traumatized places. Things that happened to us through the influence of others or through our own choices. Healing comes only through a posture of intimacy with God.

How do we cope with the hurt of separation from our Maker? Usually, by inexplicable, weird dysfunctional behavior in an attempt to fill the vacant places in our heart designed only for God to occupy. Boy, can that look ugly. From Crispy Cream donuts to drunken binges. Heroin to pornography. Bad relationships to workaholism. Even in “religious” activities. Earning favor from God by praying just right, carrying our Bible at just the right times and in the right way, and in the right version. We volunteer at church, out of a sense of obligation, so we can feel good about our contributions to the body of Christ. Performance and people pleasing become a way of life.

In this book, we take a deep dive, individually and jointly, into our brokenness. To understand how God can and will heal the wounds in our lives and lead us to freedom that comes only in Him.



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