The Daily Memo | July 15, 2020 | Where Are You? – Bob Goff

A segment from the YouVersion Bible App Plan, Dream Big, by Bob Goff.

“The question, “Where are you?” is one of the first interactions we see in the Bible between God and the people like us that He made. When it got weird, Adam and Eve forgot who they were and hid. When God asked, “Where are you?”, He wasn’t looking for a literal answer, of course. God knows everything, even if we don’t understand or won’t acknowledge it. He wasn’t talking about longitude and latitude; He was addressing their state of mind. He wanted to know whether they knew where they were. They were tucked in a bush, yes, but they were really in a place called shame. Don’t get punked by your past. It will lie to you, distract you, try to get your attention, and then laugh at you for looking. Shame has one goal and one goal alone: to keep you cemented in a dark past while it hides a beautiful future from you.

Every single person is somewhere. I know that seems like an obvious statement, and it is in one respect. But how many people really know where they are in their lives? Figuring it out is where it gets real. The ironic thing is that most of us already know the deeper answer, but we’re afraid to say it out loud. “I’m in my addiction. I’m coasting in my marriage. I’m selling myself short and taking the easy route. I’m afraid I’ll be discovered.”

So, here’s your moment. Where are you? Be courageous. Figure it out, own it, then write it down or say it out loud. Have a friend take you to Starbucks, make them pay, and have three minutes of authenticity together. Tell someone, perhaps even a few people you trust, where you really are. If you can’t find the words, slip them the note you wrote. We need to tell people where we really are so they can meet us there. Tell God, too, and for Pete’s sake, shoot straight. Don’t green-screen your life or airbrush your circumstances to make them look different than what’s really happening. God already knows—He’s been waiting in the garden and wants you to get honest enough with yourself and with Him to just say it. Besides, He likes to hear the sound of your voice. Use it and tell Him. Once we figure out where we are, He can lead us from there.”

And that’s the Memo.




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