The Daily Memo | July 17, 2020 | Who Will Carry Your Casket?

For those of us who walked the aisle in a covenant relationship, there was a cloud of witnesses to encourage us into the unpredictable journey of marriage. In my case, the first time around, 6 people stood on each side of my bride and me – all of us in our 20’s and clueless as to what came next. My groomsmen were there to witness what might lie ahead. The vast unknown of a relationship that would later go sideways. Not the original intent. For much of my life, I walked out of a self-centered existence that was not the others-centered expectation laid out in scripture.

BUT, alas, redemption awaits where the healing journey begins.

When God got my heart and my attention, I was able to reclaim the past. Through episodic memories, Jesus helped me to revisit the dysfunctional behaviors of my past from a different perspective. One centered on the meaning of the journey, not the results. I now see the present and the future through a different lens. One focused on Jesus, not me.

What I love about God is His patience. His patience in the process. My view of Him was distorted through the perspective of my past. He really is a kind, loving, and forgiving God. One that cares much more about who I’m becoming than what I’m doing for Him. Becoming, not doing. What a novel concept. Performance and people-pleasing are not God’s standards.

My oceanfront property, my boat, my money, and prestige were a temporal way to gain the attention of others. It was “fun” for a season but empty in terms of “eternity”.

As I consider the current prospects for a different way of being, I see that it’s far more important to identify those willing to carry my casket than those standing next to me for what’s in it for them.

Think about it. When this life comes to an end and our forever lies ahead would it not be more important to identify folks willing to stand with us in the precipice of eternity than those willing to walk with us in service of ourselves?

Oh yeah!!!!

I may not be here to see it, but I’d prefer to have a group of guys fighting to carry my casket because I invested in THEIR lives not my own.

And that’s the memo.




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